Vineyard Family Session- Santa Rosa Family Photographer Angelika Mitchell

My favorite color is fall, and fall lasts a really long time in Sonoma County. We do eventually lose our leaves, but they can stay almost to Christmas. This family session was in early December, and while we were on the back end of the colorful vineyards, we still got stunning colors. 

Dad is a winemaker, so when this young family thought about updating their family photos, they wanted the vineyards of Sonoma County to be the backdrop. Vineyards really are such a beautiful location, and they rival beaches for my absolute favorite spot to do family portraits. I feel so lucky to live in an area of such diverse beauty. We can be on the beach, in the forest, in the mountains, and in the desert all within a short drive. This particular Vineyard is right in my home town of Sebastopol. 

Sonoma County Vineyard Family Photos- Angelika Mitchell Photography

Just like fall is my favorite color, toddler is my favorite child. So many clients worry that toddlers and young children won't cooperate for photos, and in some ways they are right! That's the beauty of the toddler though. Everything happens on their time and serves their needs. When we had our family photos done and my little one was 2, she decided the whole photoshoot was actually a hike, and she just kept going. What makes toddlers so magical, is that they infuse fun into every moment. I love the way their carefree energy lightens the mood, and how playing with them and having fun makes for the very best portraits. I am always thrilled to learn a new client has young kids. I just know that the adventure we have together will be infused with fun and the wonder of early childhood. 

Sebastopol Vineyard Family Photos- Angelika Mitchell Photography

Now that the rainy season is upon us, I am longing for the warm colors of fall. We just took down our Christmas tree, and that time is always a little sad for me. Knowing that it will be so long before the fall and holidays are back. I know as soon as the flowers start to bloom in Spring, I will be so thankful for longer nights and the burst of new life. Such is the wheel of time. 

Halloween Vampire Session- Santa Rosa Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

Happy Halloween from Angelika Mitchell Photography! We actually do a lot of costumes over here. We have a never-ending imagination and lots of clients who are keen to see their favorite story come to life. I am often asked if I can pick a favorite, and the answer is a resounding NO! I really truly can't. There is nothing I love more than a fantasy world come to life. 

I think that often times boys feel a little left out when it comes to photos and styled storybook photos in particular. They don't need to though! Boys have just as much fun dressing up and love to see their fantasies come to life. Superheroes, or magicians, or Peter Pan and Pirates. The opportunities are endless. In honor of Halloween I had a very special boy play dress up with me. (my boy, so I am biased) He actually loves dressing up. We never get rid of his Halloween costume as you just never know when a ninja is going to show up to do homework. I once got a text from my husband while doing laundry that read, only our son has a separate laundry pile for costumes. He is terrible at going out to take portraits with me, but if I ask him to dress up and do a concept shoot- he is amazing! So, noted. 

Vampire Storybook Session Angelika Mitchell Santa Rosa Children Photographer

This year he picked this gothic Vampire costume. He wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, but was super clear it was NOT the count Dracula kind of vampire. This costume comes from Chasing Fireflies and is called the Vampire of Versailles. I think it's perfect. So we dressed up for a costume party this weekend, but right before we stopped by an old cemetery and made a little vampire magic. 

Vampire Session Angelika Mitchell Santa Rosa Photographer

Have a super safe and fun Halloween tonight! And if you live locally, sorry about the rain. (but it's a drought, so we can't actually complain)

Cinderella Storybook Session - Santa Rosa Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

A sweet little girl was turing two, and wanted nothing more than a photoshoot inspired by her favorite movie, Cinderella. Her Mom and I had so much fun designing her shoot! I just love how it turned out. There is nothing more magical than the imagination of youth; the hard held belief that if you wear the right dress, and play the right music, and you have courage and be kind, you can really truly be a princess! Happy Birthday Sweet Cinderella! 

Maternity Session- Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer Angelika Mitchell

I love photographing impending motherhood. There is no more magical time in a woman's life then when she is growing a person in her body. Having been pregnant three times, I know we don't always feel magical. Often times we don't document this time as we are grumpy, or ill, or feel like we don't like our shape. I don't have any maternity photos of myself, and I really regret it. Now I am on a mission to help moms to be see the benefit of a few beautiful photos of themselves in this wondrous and fleeting time. 

As with Angelika Mitchell Photography's styled children's sessions, we have an ever growing closet of maternity gowns for our clients to borrow, free of charge! We are sure to have a style for everyone, so when you inquire ask for details. 


Masto Wyatt Warrior- Bay Area Child Photgrapher Angelika Mitchell

New site, new look, and a new story to share with you all.

If you know me in my everyday life, you know that I have a love affair with children's clothing. It's one of the reasons I love styled portraiture so much. I think it all traces back to my love of dress up as a child. Especially that highly coveted frilly white shirt in the dress up box at preschool. I loved dressing my little boy in dapper outfits from the time he was born. When I had a girl, and then another girl, I took to finding cute little outfits like it was my second job. I discovered so many cute brands. I also discovered that there is this whole world of groups dedicated to buying and selling these cute kids clothes, and that this world was full of people just like me!

Mind blown. 

Bay Area Child Photographer- Angelika Mitchell

In one of these groups I met a Mom who shared my love of classic and beautiful clothing. Clothing that emphasizes the sweetness and innocence of childhood; where little girls dressed like little ladies, and little boys like dapper young gents. This Mom has three beautiful children, the youngest of which was born with a very rare skin disorder called Diffuse Cutaneous Mastocytosis. His tiny body makes too many mast cells, which makes his skin blister easily and puts him at risk for severe anaphylaxis. Many Moms would feel crushed by a diagnosis like this, but not Shannon. She took the diagnosis in stride, and then went out full force educating people, advocating for her son, and raising much needed funding for research. She is a true inspiration. 

Bay Are Child Photographer- Angelika Mitchell


Last month I was given the opportunity to help raise money for Mastocytosis research. We had a photoshoot with a group of Moms, who all met through a love of clothes, and together we raised money for Wyatt! Below are some of the photos from our Let Your Light Shine Benefit. Please consider making a small donation in Wyatt's honor. Every dollar counts, and this handsome little boy would love to have your support. 

Bay Area Child Portrait Photographer Angelika Mitchell
Bay Area Child Portrait Photographer Angelika Mitchell
Bay Area Child Portrait Photographer Angelika Mitchell