Halloween Vampire Session- Santa Rosa Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

Happy Halloween from Angelika Mitchell Photography! We actually do a lot of costumes over here. We have a never-ending imagination and lots of clients who are keen to see their favorite story come to life. I am often asked if I can pick a favorite, and the answer is a resounding NO! I really truly can't. There is nothing I love more than a fantasy world come to life. 

I think that often times boys feel a little left out when it comes to photos and styled storybook photos in particular. They don't need to though! Boys have just as much fun dressing up and love to see their fantasies come to life. Superheroes, or magicians, or Peter Pan and Pirates. The opportunities are endless. In honor of Halloween I had a very special boy play dress up with me. (my boy, so I am biased) He actually loves dressing up. We never get rid of his Halloween costume as you just never know when a ninja is going to show up to do homework. I once got a text from my husband while doing laundry that read, only our son has a separate laundry pile for costumes. He is terrible at going out to take portraits with me, but if I ask him to dress up and do a concept shoot- he is amazing! So, noted. 

Vampire Storybook Session Angelika Mitchell Santa Rosa Children Photographer

This year he picked this gothic Vampire costume. He wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, but was super clear it was NOT the count Dracula kind of vampire. This costume comes from Chasing Fireflies and is called the Vampire of Versailles. I think it's perfect. So we dressed up for a costume party this weekend, but right before we stopped by an old cemetery and made a little vampire magic. 

Vampire Session Angelika Mitchell Santa Rosa Photographer

Have a super safe and fun Halloween tonight! And if you live locally, sorry about the rain. (but it's a drought, so we can't actually complain)