Princess Katiana- Sonoma County Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

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I'll tell you what, I am really loving all the little princesses that have been adventuring with me to this gorgeous castle winery in Napa Valley. It is so much fun to see the bright eyes and look of wonder, when even the most seasoned model sees the real live castle. It's this magic, the wonder of childhood, that makes me so thankful that I get to do this. That my job is to capture the joy of little beings, and hold that moment in time for their families. 

Princess Session Sonoma County Photographer Angelika Mitchell.jpg

Katiana Upton has been modeling since she was 10 months old. She is such a professional, yet still a bubbly 6 year old at the same time. She was truly a joy to work with. Katiana had driven all the way from Los Angeles, and never showed a sign of it. She danced  and glided all over the castle, with a giant smile whenever a passer by complimented her on her princess style.  

Princess Session Sonoma County Photographer Angelika Mitchell.jpg
Princess Session Sonoma County Photographer Angelika Mitchell.jpg

Castello di Amorosa  is in the heart of the Napa Valley wine country, sitting just between Calistoga and Saint Helena. It's such a wonder that is packed with tourists any day of the week or any time of day. They come from far and wide to see this castle, that is actually built with stones from Tuscany that were moved here just for the building of this castle. Luckily the patrons are all very gracious when it comes to little princesses having their photo taken. 

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Katiana is wearing a stunning gown by Anna Triant Couture. This gown is called the petal gown and it is available for rent. The floral broach and front ruffle are removable so you can wear the dress in two different ways. It's so lovely Anna makes this gown available for rent. Prefect for a special event, or having special photos taken without having to purchase a couture gown. I have many clients who choose to rent their gown for their child's photography session. It makes the session even more special for their children when they feel like a real princess, and these gown can't help but make you feel like a real princess. 

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As we get closer to summer, the winery will get more and more crowded. If you are considering booking a special photography session for your child with this Napa Valley castle as the backdrop, now is the time to do it. 

Princess Grace- Sonoma County Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

Princess Grace has been growing up before my eyes. When I first met Grace she was 6, and she came to me for a Glitter Session. I've since seen Grace as a fairy, and had the honor of doing photos for her birthdays too. This year Grace turned 9, and for her birthday session Grace wanted to be a real princess. We are lucky to have an actual real castle right here in Napa county. Castello di Amorosa is a winery in St. Helena that is built as a medieval castle. The stones were actually moved here from Italy! It makes the most magical backdrop for a princess photo session. 

Princess Session Angelika Mitchell Photography Sonoma County California

Princess Grace had so much fun dancing her way along the grounds of the castle. Dance is her passion, and it shows in her graceful movement. Grace is wearing a dress from Anna Triant Couture. Anna Triant is a talented designer who crafts the most exquisite high fashion gowns for children. The skirt of this gown was the lightest and softest silk, with layers of fluffy tulle underneath. It moved like the wind. Anna has been generous enough to provide many of her gowns on a rental basis. So if you only need something special for one photoshoot, or one event, you can share in a piece of the gown and then send it back. I've rented from her several times for my own daughters. Though I will forewarn you, often the little girls do not want to send them back!

Princess Photo Shoot- Angelika Mitchell Photography- Sonoma County

For this year's photo session Princess Grace brought with a special guest, the Little Price. It was so nice to get a few sibling photos too! They now have a beautiful canvas in their home commemorating the young royals. This Napa Valley castle also has a lot of animals running around, which is especially fun for the kiddos. We saw sheep, and chickens walking around. Even peacocks wandering through the vineyards. 

Princess Session Angelika Mitchell Photography Sonoma County California

Children are only young and full of imagination for a short window of their life. It is my biggest pleasure and honor to capture the magic of childhood for families. That said, I am pretty sure if you asked me if I wanted to dress up as a princess and have my photo taken at a castle, I would not turn you down. 

Let Them Eat Grapes- Sonoma County Portrait Photographer Fashion Editorial

I have another amazing fashion editorial to share with you! For this shoot the fabulous Lily and I took a trip to the winery Castello di Amorosa in the Napa Valley. The winery is replica of a 13th century Tuscan castle, and the materials and attention to detail are astounding. You really feel like you traveled back in time. There are even farm animals, like sheep and chicken and even peacocks wandering the grounds with you. This beaucolic castle provided the perfect backdrop to my Marie Antoinette inspired shoot. 

Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer
Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer

Lily's hair and make up were done by the fabulous Ernesto Robledo  of Graffiti Hair and Make up. Lily's hair is naturally waist length and curly, and Ernesto is able to charm those lovely locks like a snake charmer. Can you believe this hair? It's just so stunning. Ernesto is an award winning wedding and fashion hair and make up artist, and I feel so blessed we were able to collaborate on this project.  

Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer
Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer

The California wine county is a treasure trove of magical locations. One could spend a whole year just shooting in the different wineries in Napa and Sonoma. Then you add in the redwoods and the beach, and it's no wonder so many people visit each year. I think it would be so fun to include a castle portrait session into a Napa Valley vacation. I alway wish I had more formal portraits of my family when on vacation. We are planning a trip to Hawaii this summer and I am definitely going to a add family photos to the top of my to to list. 

Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer
Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer

This amazing gown was handmade in the USA by Ella Dynae Designs. She custom made this gown for us to Lily's measurements and in a color we selected. They were so accommodating and even rushed the order for us so we would have the dress before the rainy season hit. I highly recommend Ella Dynae to anyone looking for the perfect gown for an event or a princess portrait session. 

Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial Shoot- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer
Marie Antoinette Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma County Portrait Photographer

Vineyard Family Session- Santa Rosa Family Photographer Angelika Mitchell

My favorite color is fall, and fall lasts a really long time in Sonoma County. We do eventually lose our leaves, but they can stay almost to Christmas. This family session was in early December, and while we were on the back end of the colorful vineyards, we still got stunning colors. 

Dad is a winemaker, so when this young family thought about updating their family photos, they wanted the vineyards of Sonoma County to be the backdrop. Vineyards really are such a beautiful location, and they rival beaches for my absolute favorite spot to do family portraits. I feel so lucky to live in an area of such diverse beauty. We can be on the beach, in the forest, in the mountains, and in the desert all within a short drive. This particular Vineyard is right in my home town of Sebastopol. 

Sonoma County Vineyard Family Photos- Angelika Mitchell Photography

Just like fall is my favorite color, toddler is my favorite child. So many clients worry that toddlers and young children won't cooperate for photos, and in some ways they are right! That's the beauty of the toddler though. Everything happens on their time and serves their needs. When we had our family photos done and my little one was 2, she decided the whole photoshoot was actually a hike, and she just kept going. What makes toddlers so magical, is that they infuse fun into every moment. I love the way their carefree energy lightens the mood, and how playing with them and having fun makes for the very best portraits. I am always thrilled to learn a new client has young kids. I just know that the adventure we have together will be infused with fun and the wonder of early childhood. 

Sebastopol Vineyard Family Photos- Angelika Mitchell Photography

Now that the rainy season is upon us, I am longing for the warm colors of fall. We just took down our Christmas tree, and that time is always a little sad for me. Knowing that it will be so long before the fall and holidays are back. I know as soon as the flowers start to bloom in Spring, I will be so thankful for longer nights and the burst of new life. Such is the wheel of time. 

Fashion Editorial Shoot- Sonoma County Portrait Photographer Angelika Mitchell

On of my favorite parts of planning a session, any session, is the styling. I love the details, and the idea, the making sure each part is exactly perfect. I am in heaven when a client wants help styling their family, or hunting down the perfect outfit for their daughter's birthday session.  I have a real love of fashion, and costuming, and especially super sweet kids clothes. Becuase of my love of all things styling, I find teaming up with other artists to be one of my greatest joys. 

One of my absolute favorite designers is Elizabeth Copeland of  Bentley and Lace. They make the most stunning couture gowns, and every single gown is made with such attention to detail; truly art. When I was asked to photograph her Drew gown, I was as excited as a kid on Christmas. 

Fashion Editorial Angelika Mitchell Photography

A dress as beautiful as Drew called for a model who could make it shine. Lily Joy is an absolute dream to work with, and I knew this dress would be exquisite on her. Lily is so versatile, ranging from sweet and innocent girl next door, to glamorous socialite ready for a night on the town. It's amazing the maturity she has. Lily had so much fun finding and eating the grapes left on the vines! 

Bentley and Lace Editorial Shoot- Angelika Mitchell Photography
Bentley and Lace Drew Dress- Angelika Mitchell Sonoma Fashion Photographer

We photographed the gown in the gorgeous fall vineyards of Napa Valley. Napa never fails to offer the very best backdrop for photos. Each vineyard has it's own style and flair, and they are all manicured to perfection. 

Napa Valley Fashion Editorial- Angelika Mitchell Photography

Lily's hair and makeup was expertly styled by Ernesto Robledo of Graffiti Makeup Artistry. Ernesto has a way with Lily's hair. It seems to listen to whatever he says. Ernesto was voted San Francisco makeup artist of the year in 2011, and can be found making brides perfect on their big day, and women all over feeling their most glamorous.


Napa Fashion Photo Shoot- Angelika Mitchell Photography

If you are looking for a dress for your special occasion please consider Bentley and Lace. You will be as giddy as I was just holding one of these stunning gowns. The gown Lily is wearing can be rented here.  

I am dreaming of a glamorous Mommy and me photo session in one of the stunning Napa Valley vineyards. Bentley and Lace takes custom design orders, so if this Mommy and Me session of my dreams is also your dream, let's plan it!