Vineyard Princesses- Sonoma County Child Photogapher

I am so very behind in blogging. I have so many sessions to share, so get ready! The summer ended up primarily as family time for us.  We took several trips around the Bay Area and out of state.  My son went on his first solo vacation with the grandparents (yikes!) and we spent a lot of our time making memories. Now that school in back in session, I can settle in a share with you all the magical photos we took this summer in beautiful Sonoma County. I also have some fantastic underwater photos from our trip to Hawaii and I can't wait to share. 

As always, watching children grow before my eyes is my favorite part of being a child photographer. It's such an honor to be part of the progress of a family. These beautiful girls were tiny fairies for me two years ago. It's amazing how much older they seem in two short years! This year we all went to Castello di Amorosa in Napa to make their magical princess dreams come true. 

sonoma county vineyard princesses photo shoot

In the heat of the summer, the vineyard all around the castle is in full bloom. The bright sun and the fresh green make the castle just scream summer in the wine country. I love the way the bright summer colors make the pastel color palette the girls chose really pop. 

Sonoma County vineyard princess photo shoot

Right next to the vineyards of the castle is a redwood grove. Nothing says Sonoma county like redwoods. (really the whole North Bay) The redwood trees made for a really lovely added scene for these princess photos. The light is moody, and the colors rich and dark. It's hard to believe these pictures were taken mere steps away from the bright summer vineyard! Castello di Amorosa really provides a lovely and varied backdrop to any portrait session. 

Sonoma County redwoods princess photo shoot

I can't wait to see how these gorgeous girls grow, before we know it they will be teens ready for their quinceanera, prom, senior photos. Where is the pause button when you need it?