Cherry Blossoms

In the spring time, the fruit and nut trees treat us to a wonderful season of blossoms. Almond trees blossom first, and later in the spring we get cherry blossoms. Sadly, Sonoma County doesn't have a lot of orchards with these sorts of blossoms. Every spring we go on a pilgrimage to the central valley of California to find blooming trees. Last year we went to Yuba City, and this year to  the town of Walnut Grove.

I can't wait for you to see these two darling sisters and their adventures in the cherry blossoms. I just love how the trees make the perfect backdrop for portraits. What speaks to childhood  more than running free through an orchard? 

Cherry Blossom Portrail- Angelika Mitchell Photography- Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell- Cherry Blossoms

Is there anything sweeter than sisters? I grew up with two sisters, and even though I didn't always appreciate them when I was young- I am so glad to have them now. I also LOVE looking back at all the photos of us in our matching dresses. (puffy sleeves aside) It's so sweet to see us growing through the years, and I am forever grateful that my Dad made those memories for us and that my Mom made sure we were well styled. I think my love for child photography is rooted in my experiences with a photographer Dad and my appreciation of all the memories he captured for us. Even now my kids love looking through my childhood albums. 

Sonoma County Photographer Angelika Mitchell- Cherry Blossoms

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