The Fairy and her Magical Creatures

Once upon a time there was a little fairy who loved magical creatures of all kinds. She loved dragons, and unicorns and even smaller fairies. She went on an adventure in the forests of Sonoma County and came upon many the magical creature. All which made her heart sing! 

Fairy and Unicorn Photo- Santa Rosa Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

This little fairy had special magic all her own. She was kissed by angels in her journey through this land, and the angels gave her an extra little bit of sparkle which the creatures could sense. 

Fairy Photo- Sonoma County Child Photographer Angelika Mitchell

Even the dragons of the woods were not afraid of our little fairy, rather they came to cuddle up with her, telling each other stories and kicking the water, and giggling the afternoon away. 

Dragon and girl photo- child photographer angelika mitchell

Do you have a magical creature of your own who would love to have their forest adventures documented? You can contact the story tellers here